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Kerridan Cvetkov @kerrcvetkov
Beach House PR Marketing & Social Media.
USC '13. български повдигнат.
Newport Beach, CA
Joined March 2010
258 Photos and videos
Kerridan Cvetkov @kerrcvetkov ∙ 2h Can't keep my hands to myself. I mean I could, but why would I want to? 😊         3         15        
Kerridan Cvetkov @kerrcvetkov ∙ Aug 25 13 LUCKY YEARS WITH THIS ONE! 😻❤️ Even though every year is our year, I know year 14 is going to be the bes... instagram.com/p/AKgcGdlB9Da/         6         18        
Kerridan Cvetkov @kerrcvetkov ∙ Aug 20 Sushi paradise. 🍣🍥         1         9        
Kerridan Cvetkov @kerrcvetkov ∙ Aug 19 When the bossman comes in to make sure we're working, this is what we have to show him. #wedeservearaise

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Kerridan Cvetkov @kerrcvetkov ∙ Aug 18 Office dance party. #TBT

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Zach Roerig @zachro ∙ Aug 18 Woke up to 13 texts from @kerrcvetkov saying she needed to talk and it was urgent. She wanted to know my favorite Spice Girl. 🖕🏻         10         42        
Kerridan Cvetkov @kerrcvetkov ∙ Aug 17 Incase you didn't know, its HUMP DAY! I'm an adult, I swear.         2         8